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Chemical Application Shutoff Request Policy


It is the desire of the Board of Directors of the Alamosa Mosquito Control District to maintain a high quality of life by using environmentally sensitive practices to protect the wellbeing of everyone in the District, in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Each mosquito bite is not only annoying, but can put a person at risk of disease.


It is the policy of the Alamosa Mosquito Control District that a person may request exemption from insecticide application by submitting a completed “Shutoff Request” form, which can be obtained in-person at the District office. The District Manager or Board of Directors will review the completed form and, within one month, issue written approval or denial to the applicant with reasons cited if the request is denied. Persons must renew their “Shutoff Request” annually. To qualify for exemption from insecticide application, the applicant should additionally provide one of the following:


  • Documentation of organic farming or food production with current or pending USDA certification

  • Documentation of beekeeping activities

  • Written notice from a licensed health care provider stating the applicant has a condition that could be exacerbated by chemicals used by the Alamosa Mosquito Control District.

       (Note, the District does not request diagnoses or other medical records.)


In the event of a declared public health emergency related to a mosquito-borne illness, this policy may be suspended for the duration of the emergency.


Approved by the BOD ___________________ Date:________________

Effective upon approval

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