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Product Labels


The adulticide application methods that we use are Ultra Low Volume (ULV) fogging trucks, ATV Sprayers, and ULV backpack fog sprayers. You will see trucks operating primarily in the evenings unless West Nile virus has been detected.  In this case, you may see them earlier and more frequently.  The ULV backpack sprayers are used to treat smaller areas such as around homes, thick tree canopy, and other specific requested sites. The backpack sprayers use a deltamethrin (Suspend sc) and/or etofenprox (Zenivex e20) 

Water application involves larvicide only.  Various chemicals are employed in different situations.  Usually, these situations are based around what type of larvae are present in the water.  Younger or smaller larvae are susceptible to the naturally occurring bacteria, Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis - either liquid or granular forms).  Older larvae and pupae will require Agnique MMF - a micro molecular film.  We also use 30-45 day mosquito dunks (also called briquettes or pouches) that are BTi as mentionded above or S-methoprene based, which regulate the growth of mosquito larvae. Links below will take you to each individual chemical, where you may find EPA label and SDS information. 

Larvicide Labels
Adulticide Labels
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