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 Alamosa Mosquito Control District

   Prior to the establishment of the Alamosa Mosquito Control District (AMCD) by an election in 1966, it was unbearable to be outside during the mosquito season.  According to some "old-timers," people would walk around downtown Alamosa waving branches to ward off the pests or wrap themselves in wet newspaper.  Thus, the need for The District was determined.  The founding members of AMCD were Robert Bowers, Robert Foote, Stanley Knapp, Maurice Morris, Vern Stenzel (attorney), and Carlos Lucero.  These members founded the organization and led the initial District attack against mosquitoes in Alamosa.  
 AMCD is a special district supported by taxes on property within the district boundaries. 
The District Boundaries area as follows:
North Boundary Line -  S County Road 2 
East Boundary Line - S County Road 114
South Boundary Line - S County Road 13
West Boundary Line  - S County Road 103

Total area serviced: 121 square miles / 77,440 acres

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