Mission:  Protect the health and well-being of our public from disease and annoyance caused by mosquitoes while using environmentally  sensitive practices. 
Vision: Help lead the state of Colorado through effective and efficient mosquito treatment practices.
Motto:  It is impossible to eliminate mosquitoes, but we will always do our best to mitigate them. 

Board of Directors meeting:


Regular Monthly Meeting:

 January 26th @ 6:00 pm.  

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, anyone who plans to join us for the meeting will be required to wear a  a mask. 6 ft of social distance seating will be enforced.  A call in option is available.  If anyone would like to submit a Public Comment please email the District Manager at sarah@mosquitobytes.org.) 

Meeting Call-In number:

(719) 496- 0999

Meeting Code: 123#

The purpose of the Alamosa Mosquito Control District is to use economic and enviromentally responsible practices while suppressing larval and adult mosquito populations within The District's boundaries. We have created this website to provide general mosquito management information, our control strategies, and services we provide.  We invite you to navigate through this website and to contact us with any questions, comments or mosquito issues that are of concern. 



COVID-19 Information

Mosquitoes are not known to be infected with or spread COVID-19 through their bites.  However, mosquitoes do carry viruses such as West Nile Virus, which adversely affects human health.  If a human does contract a mosquito born virus their overall health can then be compromised which can lead to greater health risks involved with COVID-19.   The mission of mosquito control serving as part of the public health sector is to mitigate adult populations in order to reduce the risk of mosquito born diseases.  Therefore, the EPA has classified mosquito control as an essential business. 


AMCD will be operational for the 2020 season.  Our overall staff reaches only a total of 14 team members; and no more than 6 people per daily shift.  As the season begins and continues through the summer, our staff will continue practicing appropriate social distancing and safety measures in order to prevent and avoid COVID-19.  Our treatment practices already require the use of N-95 or respirator masks, eye protection, gloves, and consistent hand washing.  Therefore, the use of these PPE recommendations for the prevention of COVID-19 are already in place.     

call in to listen to the "daily fog routes" to find out if a truck is expected in your area. 719-589-5409 ext. 1 

Office Hours:

April - September

Monday - Friday

8:30 am - 5:00 pm

(or by appointment)

Off-Season Office Hours

October - March

Monday - Thursday

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

(or by appointment)