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Mission:  Protect the health and well-being of our public from disease and annoyance caused by mosquitoes while using environmentally  sensitive practices. 
Vision: Help lead the state of Colorado through effective and efficient mosquito treatment practices.
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This website is currently being updated. Not all information is accessible at this time. We hope to have all pages  and updates completed soon!

Motto:  It is impossible to eliminate mosquitoes, but we will always do our best to mitigate them. 

The purpose of the Alamosa Mosquito Control District is to use economic and enviromentally responsible practices while suppressing larval and adult mosquito populations within The District's boundaries. We have created this website to provide general mosquito management information, our control strategies, and services we provide.  We invite you to navigate through this website and to contact us with any questions, comments or mosquito issues that are of concern. 


The 2024 Operational Season Is Underway!!

Fog Spraying Will Begin May 20th.

call in to listen to the "daily fog routes" to find out if a truck is expected in your area. 719-589-5409 ext. 1 

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

(or by appointment)


 We are working in the Field Often. Don't hesitate to call before you stop to assure someone is at the office to assist you.


Current Events:


Board of Directors meeting:

Next Regular Board of Director Meeting:

June 26th, 2024 @ 6:00 p.m.

Meeting call in option is available.  If anyone would like to submit a Public Comment please email the District Manager at 

Meeting Call-In number:

(719) 496- 0999

Meeting Code: 123#

*Please Have Patience With Our New Drivers As They Continue To Learn Routes.

*Weather - Specifically Wind and Occasional Rain Showers Often Cause Delays in Spray Routes.
*AMCD Has A Large Service Area of 121 Square Miles (79,000 acres. With Weather Delays, We Can't Get To All Areas As Often or As Planned. Please Have Patience As We Give Our Best Effort to Spray All Areas When Weather Permits. 

*AMCD Is Using Malathion In 2 Of 3 Spray Trucks This Year. This Pesticide Has A Potent Odor. If The Odor Is Uncomfortable, It Is Recommended To Go Inside & Close Doors and Windows For About 15- 20 Minutes.


*Important News/Updates 

  • Larvicide Crews: Have started checking and treating mosquito larvae since late April. The spring run-off started right around mid-April. Fields, pastures, slews, & river sub within the District have continued to fill with water the past few weeks. These habitats are where mosquito larvae hatch & grow.  The crews have been busy treating many of these sites.

  • Fog Truck Spraying: Fog truck spraying is set to begin on or around the week of May 20th. Spraying will be intermittent to start as we will use the first week or so for the new drivers to complete their training, and wait for the surveillance traps to meet spray treatment thresholds.

  • ATV Spraying: ATV spraying will begin around the first part of June. The ATV's are used to spray tighter, smaller, hard to reach area's that our trucks cannot access as well.  They will also be spraying the City's alleys, and other areas assigned that utilize ATV use.

  • Alamosa Mosquito Control District will be eliminating the aerial application program which helped treat many areas in the rural parts of the district boundaries. NOT being able to find a pilot for going 2 years has forced the Board of Directors to make this decision.

  • The AMCD's Board of Directors and District Manager have working hard to find a new location where the District can build a bigger building and expand it's operational shop & equipment. The need for more spray trucks and equipment has been sought after for several years. We are excited for this project to hopefully come to fruition soon. Please, don't hesitate to call and ask for more information or with questions on this topic.

  • West Nile Virus which is transmitted by mosquitoes was significantly higher in Colorado in 2023; as well as in many parts of the United States. It is unknown if the virus will be as present in 2024; but threat and potential is always a possibility. Please help do your part in protecting yourself and family members by wearing protective clothing and/or repellent when outdoors.

Fog truck spraying routes: Call in M-F and listen to the Daily Fog Routes to know if the trucks will be in your area. 

  • Reminder: We cannot not operate the spray trucks if the wind is above 10 mph. 

  • Exact times of when the trucks will be spraying in your area cannot be provided. 

  • If the rural residents want their yards sprayed, please make sure that gates are open and vehicles are out of the way enough for the trucks to enter/exit.

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