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Nightly Fogging Routes

   Our evening truck fogging treatments change on a daily basis, depending on the quantities of the mosquitoes collected each morning in our surveillance traps.  Each surveillance trap must meet or exceed a specific threshold in order for treatment to be required.  For surveillance traps that are located within the Alamosa city limits, the threshold is 25 or more adult mosquitoes collected per trap.  The threshold for the rural areas of The District is 200 or more mosquitoes collected per trap. 


   Evening wind and weather temperatures also play a part in our nightly fogging routines.  Our fog trucks and airplane cannot operate if winds are above 10mph or the temperature falls below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 


   If you are interested in finding out if a fog truck or the airplane is scheduled to be in your area, please call our Fogging Hotline at the number below.  Including the factors described above, the fogging routes are updated daily by 5:00 pm. 


Fogging Hotline: 719-589-5409 (option #1)



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